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Firmware for iBasso DAPs by Lurker

modifications with optimization and additional functionality

Please note, that I don’t provide personal support neither for firmware nor for devices themselves. I’ve written comprehensive description of all the changes made for each version, and provided written instructions for devices when my firmware installation differs from the official way.

All the versions were tested by many beta-testers before publishing, and have hundreds of active users. Should you find that something is worse than with the official firmware, please PM me in Head-Fi forum!

DX220 (A8.1)
DX220Max (A8.1)
DX200 (A8.1)
DX200 (A6.1)
DX160 (A8.1) DX150 (A8.1)
DX150 (A6.1)
DX120 DX90 DX80

DISCLAIMER: No changes were made to the basic player functionality and behavior! Expect the same bugs and misbehavior found in the base stock firmware! No warranty at all: use the modified firmware at your own risk and responsibility!